I am a game sound designer and composer located in Paris, France. I have been working as an audio professional in the game industry for 12 years. I am currently employed as an senior audio designer at Don’t Nod for an unannnounced AAA project in partnership with Focus Entertainement. I have a technical and artistic profile. What I like most about my job is team work with creative directors and game designers in order to enhance the storytelling of a game with audio.

My strongest skills are :

  • Sound editing and audio design (including field and foley recording)
  • Dynamic mixing and implementation for video games
  • Music editing
  • Linear mixing for trailer or documentary

I can also work on efficiently on :

  • Music composition
  • Dialog Editing
  • In house tools design and follow up
  • Voice over and mocap recording
  • Studio hardware and software set up

Studio – DONTNOD Entertainment

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